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3 Things Nobody Told You About Being Your Own Boss

I’ve been my own boss for 5 years now and here’s what I can tell you with 100% certainty.

1. You don’t ever really feel “ready.”

If you wait until you’re “ready,” you might be waiting for the rest of your life.


The great news is there are SO MANY resources available to you.

I remind myself daily that someone else has already gone through my newest challenge, and so the answers I need are out there.

You just gotta find them.

2. It’s easy to forget how far you’ve come.

Just last night Ryan (the husband) was telling me about his friend who lives in NYC who is absolutely crushing it financially (in a crazy way).

But that he only gets 10 days vacation a year and works 50-60 hour weeks.

Wait a minute? Is that even worth it?

Right then, we both were struck by how fortunate we are to not have a life like that.

Last year, I think I took at least 13 trips… I’m not even exactly sure how many! I don’t say that to brag but to point out how I’ve lost track and almost forgot how far I’d come.

I was able to go with my little sister on a trip to South Africa. I got work done during the day while she was teaching music as part of a mission trip. In the evenings, we got to explore together and stay up late chatting about life… it was AMAZING. I never had to ask off for work or sacrifice vacation days… I just said, “Yes.”

If I am having trouble thinking (usually around 3pm), I get a manicure or head to the beach and come back to work later. I make my schedule work for me. 

I set out to build a life of freedom 6+ years ago and sometimes I need to stop and remind myself to look back and appreciate my growth.

3. It’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done for myself.

Being your own boss means you get to spend your life building YOUR dreams, not someone else’s.

As you gain traction, exactly how it looks day-to-day will likely shapeshift and grow alongside you, but never hold you back or limit you.

Being my own boss has also made me a better person across all areas of my life. It’s seeped into my priorities…

  • I’m excited for my days, so I don’t really feel like partying as hard when I have time off, by choice! It feels good to wake up with a fresh mind ready to own the day. 
  • I’m proud of what I do, so I get excited when I meet new people (I used to be SO embarrassed to tell people what I did for work).
  • I’ve realized many superficial things are really just ways of dealing with life dissatisfaction and I don’t really need them anymore (excessive TV watching, junk food, fancy cars, clothes, etc).

Being your own boss has its ups and downs for sure.

But being your own boss is the greatest adventure of all… because it’s *YOUR* adventure.

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